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About - Future Technologies
  • Panther
      • Panther
        Panther, gives your car more power with less fuel
        • ​Effective Power Distribution
        • ​Reducing fluctuation of the electrical supply
        • Refined electric flow
        • Imrease Milage25%
        • Fuel Saving25%
        • battery12volt
  • Genesis
      • Genesis
        Best energy water filtration system
        • ​Clean water - No Bacteria, desease causing microbes, heavy metal chemical, organics
        • ​Provide water with adequate mineral contents and ionic mineral
        • Purify water that easily absorb by our body - small water moliculer clusters
        • reduces99.99% /
        • up to7.35
        • ORP
  • KristalBond
      • KristalBond
        365 days of comfort and Energy Savings
        • ​99% Ultra Voilet Radiation Cut (UVA & UVB)
        • 90% Infrared Ray Cut
        • 75% Visible Light Transmission
        • 6H Hardness
        • UVR cut99 %
        • Energy Savings20%
        • Visible Light Transmission75%


About Us

The reliability of the Future Technologies is based on high-level technological power and R&D activities that have been ongoing since the company's establishment. Here we highlight Future Technologies from various perspectives, such as Panther, Kristal Bond and Genesis, helps to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. Since its inception, the company has always been contributing towards the advancement and development of the innovative sector in Pakistan by introducing a range of quality inventions. We welcome you to be the part of Future Technologies, join hands to explore the new era of advancement.

Our Mission

To become the leading provider of innovative and modern technology equipment systems in Pakistan, and delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction in our product, service & support.


Future Technologies focuses on maintaining the leading edge in technology and providing the highest value to its customers. Future Technologies provide state-of-the-art technology at an affordable cost to our customers. Future Technologies strives for simplicity of design, maximizing safety, ease of operation. Future Technologies aims to provide the optimal customer satisfaction.


Future Technologies is located in Lahore Pakistan partnering with customers for more than 3 years. Major Products include panther fuel saving devices. Genesis Energy Water Filter, and Kristal Bond liquid glass coating, and restorlite. Future Technologies is committed to assisting customers with their unique needs by providing them with comprehensive, value-added Products and solutions. Future Technologies is committed to delivering premium levels of service to our customers in order to help them achieve cleaner, healthier, and safer surroundings in cost-effective ways that enhance their sustainability.

Your car can definitely run more miles with more power using lesser fuel with Panther. 
THE PANTHER INVENTOR is background setup and maintain the communication network system for high-attitude surface to air missile (NIKE) guiding system for the Communications Squadron of Japan Air Self Defense (JASDF).